• Celine Chong

    Celine Chong

    Writing about life’s curiosities from sunny Queensland, Australia 🌻🌾 Become a Medium member and support me here: https://celinechong.medium.com/membership

  • Mike Pereira

    Mike Pereira

    Perpetually curious, I’ve had several careers. I lost everything once, found myself in the process.

  • James Tierney

    James Tierney

    Economics Educator. Improviser. Community Builder. Always looking for the next new thing, for better or for worse.

  • Naimaelkadmiri


  • Gewerbeanmeldung.com


    GewerbeAnmeldung.com hilft Menschen ein Unternehmen zu gründen. Mit GewerbeAnmeldung.com dem GewerbeMelden Dienst startest Du einfach in die Selbstständigkeit.

  • Susan Poole

    Susan Poole

    Mother, lawyer, nonprofit executive, breast cancer survivor, and aspiring author. Recently left her day-job to write about topics that she’s passionate about.

  • Os Ishmael

    Os Ishmael

    Helping companies and individuals create content that matters to customers hk.linkedin.com/in/osishmael

  • Hoa Nguyen (Henry)

    Hoa Nguyen (Henry)

    I love to tell stories. My stories cover issues in digital economy, content creation and sometimes, data science.

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